Sunday, September 5, 2010

Too Young & High Strung

I guess i should begin my first post with an intro? My name is T.K Banderley, & this is my blog. I love preppy fashion & i just love the whole preppy lifestyle! Ive grown up with it my whole life, so its what i know & what i love. From my dad's outfits filled with bright Oxfords & Corduroys, to running through J. Crew as if its a wonderland. On my little blog baby, ill tell you what im loving & wishing for, & hopefully introduce you to new things you've never seen! I always love to chat & talk about fashion, so drop me a comment & ill respond asap.

Recently, ive been crushing hard! No, not on the hottie from math class. But on one brand that i cannot seem to get out of my mind! Kiel James Patrick. The name that comes to my mind whenever i think of fall shopping. Whats that? You may ask. Well, Kiel James Patrick is an authentic All-American brand with items to die for! From knotted bracelets to gorgeous headbands, this shop is every prepster's wonderland! Theyve even recently introduced brand new belts, & i must say they are the most amazing thing ive ever seen! Take a look for yourself!

P.S For the bracelets, you get to pick out the color of the button! How cool is that?!

There you go! I really hope you all love the items like i do, & hope you end up buying! I know i definitely will. Check out the Kiel James Patrick online store here!