Thursday, September 16, 2010

T.K Banderley.......Making A Magazine?

Hey all! Thanks to my 2 new followers! You all are so amazing.

So, for today's post i want to tell you guys a new little project I want to start. My very own magazine. Yes, i am serious! Ok well half way. Im hyper from soda, meaning my mind is running at 300 miles an hour.
For those who knows me well, they know i can never sit still & i always have something new on my mind. I have always been in love with graphic designing, & i even made the layout on my blog. Graphic Designing is basically my life, aside from whatever else us kids do these days. My big dream is to start my own Preppy magazine, because i feel like there really isnt one focusing on our style, & making it a big hit!

Readers, I present to you Prep Magazine.
If you all feel like its a good idea, i plan on launching this free online magazine based solely on the Prep style & the Prep lifestyle. In it will be:

-Styles Of The Season
-Great Outfit Ideas For Occasions
-Amazing Clothes!
-Fantastic Music!
-Current Stores That You Should Check Out
-Brands That Need To Be Shown Out In The Light
-Interviews With Our Favorite Bloggers & Hopefully Fashion Icons
-Good Deals In Everything(Clothing Stores Having Sales, Great Restaurants, etc)
-The Humor You Know & Love (That Would Be Me)
-And Whatever Else You Ask For!

Here is a mock-up cover & a mock-up page. The magazine will be a lot better, as i made this in like 10 minutes. The cover shall be really nice too, with my own photos or those put in by photographers. Not these rich twits with no brain power. I hated that show. Anyways, enjoy & tell me what you think!

Comment below with what you think & if you'd read it. Id probably make the magazine about 20 pages, & then some ads on the last page for you all to check out.

Till later! xoxo

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

U.S Royalty & GANT Rugger

So, i have been a big fan of GANT Rugger for a few months now. I mean like full on love affair here ladies & gents! Haha.
The moment i saw the video for the new Fall & Winter collection, i was in aw & i was like hell yeah! I feel like every guy should just wear GANT Rugger everyday. Its like a whole AB Versatile Prep thing going on, & id definitely go for that! Check out the hottie driving the motorcycle! He is perfection in perfect clothing. Does that make sense? I mean, i know he's just a hired model. But hey, if the lord can bless me with a hottie like that, im all for it!

This post is also about the amazing song in the video. Equestrian by U.S Royalty. Bonus? They're giving it out as a free download! Just go here, & you can listen to the full song & become obsessed like me. The lyrics are amazing, the vocals are amazing, & the beat is amazing! The whole song is amazing! Check out the GANT Rugger video & Equestrian by U.S Royalty below.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 2 Kinds Of Prep

*WOW! 7 followers?! Thanks so much everyone! That's so cool! Ive just started & i already feel good.

Okay, so this post will probably piss some people off. Do i care? Eh not really. But i might as well say it here, this post is not meant to make anyone angry. This is my opinion & my views, so therefore if you dont like it dont say anything. If you do, comment & lets chat about it!

The Kinds Of Prep

The Kinds Of Prep by tkbanderley featuring ralph lauren handbags

So, in my opinion & experience in my little life of "Preppy" fashion & the Prep lifestyle, ive seen that there's literally 2 dividends of the style! I decided to share this with you all, & i hope you agree! Just know, there is definitely a half-and-half to these two styles! There are people who blend both to make one! Such!
 These 2 styles of Prep are on basically two lines of a continuum. From A to Z, pretty much.

The Ivy Prep:
The Ivy Prep. Also known as my dream husband. I kid! I kid! Basically, the Ivy Prep is the basic, classy, & well loved style we branch from. The Ivy Prep is known to most notably wear Chinos, Blazers, Cardigans, Riding Boots, & those perfect knotted belts ive fallen for. The go-to shoes are Sperry Topsiders. Do not mistake this kind of Prep for bland or boring! They my friends, are some of the most classic & stylish people ive ever met! Its like walking perfection!
Color Swatches Include: Navy Blue, Ruby Red, Cream, & Burgundy.
Favorite Stores Include: Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, & J. Crew.
Usually Seen In: V-I-N-T-A-G-E!

A Perfect Example Of The Ivy Prep

The Utter Prep:

I couldnt really think of a better name.......well actually this might be the best name. I love this style of Prep! Colors that pop, swatches that make you go Oooo! Think of Lacoste & you'll have some of the image correct. Then just add on Country Club looks, & add on lots of little designs! The Utter Prep is most seen wearing very colorful Polos, colorful Shirts, colorful Chinos, colorful Shoes,......everything is colorful! Thats why i love this style so much! For the girls, the dresses may come in baby blue or even peach, with cute little designs and flattering cuts. For the boys, the slacks & chinos are always the perfect color. Its just this amazing sense of style & sense of self! Go to shoes seem to be Loafers, but sometimes Sperrys.
Color Swatches Include: Pink, Peach, Baby Orange(I invented this name! Haha. Light Orange), Baby Blue, Yellow, Baby Green.
Favorite Stores Include: Vineyard Vines, J. Crew(Its a versatile store), Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer.

These Gorgeous Girls Are Showing The Utter Prep Look

And Now, The Versatile Prep:

Ah, a familiar sense of style. The Versatile Prep. Think of the two styles above blended together, making one banging ass Prep! I love being able to mix these two together! Making new looks everyday, & just being Utterly Ivy Prep!

- Im Currently loving ribbon D-Ring belts. Just saying.

So ladies & gents, that ends this post! I hope you enjoyed the insight, comment if you please! Till later. xoxo.

*Utter Prep photo from  

Thursday, September 9, 2010

He Dresses Like A Rugby Boy.

Ahhhh. Menswear. I have a thing for boys who dress nice, & i currently have a thing for a specific one! There's this boy at school, his name is Max. I must say, Max dresses amazingly! He's got that sort of preppy look that just makes me want to take a bajillion pictures & ask if he wants to go out on a date with me! Haha.

My first day at my high school, i walked in. I saw this pink and white thin striped shirt, i saw cream colored Chino shorts, and i saw Sperry Topsiders. I literally fell in love!
He's achieved this effortless look that every single boy wants, yet to him it comes so naturally! The colors are outrageous, the brands are marvelous, and he looks delicious, if i may say so.

I hope one day i can run up to him, & just tell him i love how he dresses. Is that weird? Or would he feel good? I wonder....anyways, i just wanted to tell you all how ive got fashionable eye candy in between classes. Jealous? I hope so! Haha.

So, to end with speaking of my title. Max dresses like a boy who's stepped out of a Rugby catalog. But of course, thats not the only brand he wears. I think ill keep an eye on him & see what else is noteworthy.

Currently Loving His: Peach colored Chino Shorts! Worn but perfect Sperry Topsiders, The fact that he tucks in his shirts, & the multi-colored & multi-patterned belts.

I Wanna See Him In: A blazer again! He looked so good ;)

Till later, xoxo.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Dont Fitch In.

Okay, so this is probably one of the blogs ive been waiting for! I, T.K Banderley do not & i repeat do not like Abercrombie & Fitch! That store irks me!

I hate when people call Abercrombie & Fitch "preppy". To me, its an insult to those of us who actually understand the style & the living. Im not sure what makes me hate it more. The quality of the clothing, or the over advertisement of the Adirondacks! The fuggly moose, or the smug naked models. I cringe & i die. I hate to call it cheap, but oh well. Whatever floats boats. Im not trying to make anyone mad here, just voice my opinion.

Im sorry to those of you who actually enjoy shopping in the store, but i feel like its a rip off! You're taking $50 away from little girls just for a crappy t-shirt i could make myself! I prefer to stick to the likings of J. Crew & Ralph Lauren. Those my friends, are whats up.

It really pisses me off when the girls at school are decked out in Abercrombie & their 2 year old uggs. I love uggs, i really do! But little butt skirts & a t-shirt that splatters a random name across your chest isnt really my kind of thing. Oh, & to the lax bros in C Hall who think their ripped jeans can get at me, its not happening. Throw on some slacks & Sperrys then we'll talk.

Im sort of the Jackie O of my school. I admire her so much & she's such a great inspiration of style! Lilly Pulitzer dresses are my go-tos for banquets, & so on the list goes. Someone told me i dress like Nancy Drew. Its a compliment darling, not an insult.

This is what teens are spending their money on:


G-Fang, thats so hawt rightt? Cause you totes dont look desperate to fit in.

Anyways, off to sleep then another day of learning. The joy. Till later?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Too Young & High Strung

I guess i should begin my first post with an intro? My name is T.K Banderley, & this is my blog. I love preppy fashion & i just love the whole preppy lifestyle! Ive grown up with it my whole life, so its what i know & what i love. From my dad's outfits filled with bright Oxfords & Corduroys, to running through J. Crew as if its a wonderland. On my little blog baby, ill tell you what im loving & wishing for, & hopefully introduce you to new things you've never seen! I always love to chat & talk about fashion, so drop me a comment & ill respond asap.

Recently, ive been crushing hard! No, not on the hottie from math class. But on one brand that i cannot seem to get out of my mind! Kiel James Patrick. The name that comes to my mind whenever i think of fall shopping. Whats that? You may ask. Well, Kiel James Patrick is an authentic All-American brand with items to die for! From knotted bracelets to gorgeous headbands, this shop is every prepster's wonderland! Theyve even recently introduced brand new belts, & i must say they are the most amazing thing ive ever seen! Take a look for yourself!

P.S For the bracelets, you get to pick out the color of the button! How cool is that?!