Thursday, September 9, 2010

He Dresses Like A Rugby Boy.

Ahhhh. Menswear. I have a thing for boys who dress nice, & i currently have a thing for a specific one! There's this boy at school, his name is Max. I must say, Max dresses amazingly! He's got that sort of preppy look that just makes me want to take a bajillion pictures & ask if he wants to go out on a date with me! Haha.

My first day at my high school, i walked in. I saw this pink and white thin striped shirt, i saw cream colored Chino shorts, and i saw Sperry Topsiders. I literally fell in love!
He's achieved this effortless look that every single boy wants, yet to him it comes so naturally! The colors are outrageous, the brands are marvelous, and he looks delicious, if i may say so.

I hope one day i can run up to him, & just tell him i love how he dresses. Is that weird? Or would he feel good? I wonder....anyways, i just wanted to tell you all how ive got fashionable eye candy in between classes. Jealous? I hope so! Haha.

So, to end with speaking of my title. Max dresses like a boy who's stepped out of a Rugby catalog. But of course, thats not the only brand he wears. I think ill keep an eye on him & see what else is noteworthy.

Currently Loving His: Peach colored Chino Shorts! Worn but perfect Sperry Topsiders, The fact that he tucks in his shirts, & the multi-colored & multi-patterned belts.

I Wanna See Him In: A blazer again! He looked so good ;)

Till later, xoxo.


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I love your blog and I'm looking forward to reading more!!

  2. Aw- he sounds adorable! Crossing my fingers you get to see him in a blazer (and maybe on a date) sometime soon!