Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 2 Kinds Of Prep

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Okay, so this post will probably piss some people off. Do i care? Eh not really. But i might as well say it here, this post is not meant to make anyone angry. This is my opinion & my views, so therefore if you dont like it dont say anything. If you do, comment & lets chat about it!

The Kinds Of Prep

The Kinds Of Prep by tkbanderley featuring ralph lauren handbags

So, in my opinion & experience in my little life of "Preppy" fashion & the Prep lifestyle, ive seen that there's literally 2 dividends of the style! I decided to share this with you all, & i hope you agree! Just know, there is definitely a half-and-half to these two styles! There are people who blend both to make one! Such!
 These 2 styles of Prep are on basically two lines of a continuum. From A to Z, pretty much.

The Ivy Prep:
The Ivy Prep. Also known as my dream husband. I kid! I kid! Basically, the Ivy Prep is the basic, classy, & well loved style we branch from. The Ivy Prep is known to most notably wear Chinos, Blazers, Cardigans, Riding Boots, & those perfect knotted belts ive fallen for. The go-to shoes are Sperry Topsiders. Do not mistake this kind of Prep for bland or boring! They my friends, are some of the most classic & stylish people ive ever met! Its like walking perfection!
Color Swatches Include: Navy Blue, Ruby Red, Cream, & Burgundy.
Favorite Stores Include: Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, & J. Crew.
Usually Seen In: V-I-N-T-A-G-E!

A Perfect Example Of The Ivy Prep

The Utter Prep:

I couldnt really think of a better name.......well actually this might be the best name. I love this style of Prep! Colors that pop, swatches that make you go Oooo! Think of Lacoste & you'll have some of the image correct. Then just add on Country Club looks, & add on lots of little designs! The Utter Prep is most seen wearing very colorful Polos, colorful Shirts, colorful Chinos, colorful Shoes,......everything is colorful! Thats why i love this style so much! For the girls, the dresses may come in baby blue or even peach, with cute little designs and flattering cuts. For the boys, the slacks & chinos are always the perfect color. Its just this amazing sense of style & sense of self! Go to shoes seem to be Loafers, but sometimes Sperrys.
Color Swatches Include: Pink, Peach, Baby Orange(I invented this name! Haha. Light Orange), Baby Blue, Yellow, Baby Green.
Favorite Stores Include: Vineyard Vines, J. Crew(Its a versatile store), Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer.

These Gorgeous Girls Are Showing The Utter Prep Look

And Now, The Versatile Prep:

Ah, a familiar sense of style. The Versatile Prep. Think of the two styles above blended together, making one banging ass Prep! I love being able to mix these two together! Making new looks everyday, & just being Utterly Ivy Prep!

- Im Currently loving ribbon D-Ring belts. Just saying.

So ladies & gents, that ends this post! I hope you enjoyed the insight, comment if you please! Till later. xoxo.

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  1. I totally agree with you, there are two kinds of preps. But one person can be both types, I'm one of those too! As a prep you have to adapt to different social situations. I think the Ivy prep dresses more traditional for school or important dinners, but they become the utter prep when they are "summering" or relaxing with friends.

  2. Exactly! Thats definitely how it goes. Im glad you agree with me & i love your input.

  3. Cute post and I agree- A, B and AB. I am AB. One of the great things about being a prep is that our pieces are timeless. I love that my vintage Lilly can be paired with Bean or RL.

  4. i'm so glad that calling oneself a prep isn't a bad thing! i was recently discussing my 10-year high school reunion (eeek i'm old!) and referred to some girls from my class as preps. my brother got all offended, but i was like "what? its just a description!" i didn't mean it as a putdown! clearly you feel that prep is something to aspire to! xoxo

  5. Interesting idea! I think you're totally onto something with the distinctions...I lean more to the Ivy prep line (Rugby's were my uniform in college) but in the summer the Utter prep style is too colorful not to embrace it so in the end I'm versatile. Cute examples!

  6. I really enjoyed this, I would like a wardrobe how to for becoming an Ivy prep!