Tuesday, September 14, 2010

U.S Royalty & GANT Rugger

So, i have been a big fan of GANT Rugger for a few months now. I mean like full on love affair here ladies & gents! Haha.
The moment i saw the video for the new Fall & Winter collection, i was in aw & i was like hell yeah! I feel like every guy should just wear GANT Rugger everyday. Its like a whole AB Versatile Prep thing going on, & id definitely go for that! Check out the hottie driving the motorcycle! He is perfection in perfect clothing. Does that make sense? I mean, i know he's just a hired model. But hey, if the lord can bless me with a hottie like that, im all for it!

This post is also about the amazing song in the video. Equestrian by U.S Royalty. Bonus? They're giving it out as a free download! Just go here, & you can listen to the full song & become obsessed like me. The lyrics are amazing, the vocals are amazing, & the beat is amazing! The whole song is amazing! Check out the GANT Rugger video & Equestrian by U.S Royalty below.


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