Thursday, September 16, 2010

T.K Banderley.......Making A Magazine?

Hey all! Thanks to my 2 new followers! You all are so amazing.

So, for today's post i want to tell you guys a new little project I want to start. My very own magazine. Yes, i am serious! Ok well half way. Im hyper from soda, meaning my mind is running at 300 miles an hour.
For those who knows me well, they know i can never sit still & i always have something new on my mind. I have always been in love with graphic designing, & i even made the layout on my blog. Graphic Designing is basically my life, aside from whatever else us kids do these days. My big dream is to start my own Preppy magazine, because i feel like there really isnt one focusing on our style, & making it a big hit!

Readers, I present to you Prep Magazine.
If you all feel like its a good idea, i plan on launching this free online magazine based solely on the Prep style & the Prep lifestyle. In it will be:

-Styles Of The Season
-Great Outfit Ideas For Occasions
-Amazing Clothes!
-Fantastic Music!
-Current Stores That You Should Check Out
-Brands That Need To Be Shown Out In The Light
-Interviews With Our Favorite Bloggers & Hopefully Fashion Icons
-Good Deals In Everything(Clothing Stores Having Sales, Great Restaurants, etc)
-The Humor You Know & Love (That Would Be Me)
-And Whatever Else You Ask For!

Here is a mock-up cover & a mock-up page. The magazine will be a lot better, as i made this in like 10 minutes. The cover shall be really nice too, with my own photos or those put in by photographers. Not these rich twits with no brain power. I hated that show. Anyways, enjoy & tell me what you think!

Comment below with what you think & if you'd read it. Id probably make the magazine about 20 pages, & then some ads on the last page for you all to check out.

Till later! xoxo


  1. I love it! You are right, there are no preppy mags out there, that I can think of! I would read it!

  2. What a fun idea! I'll read! Will you have guest writers or will it be from your own point of view? Either way, sounds fun.

  3. Awesome! Thank you so much. & i would love to have guest writers! After more feedback, ill sit back & note down what i need. I think i need currently: writers, photographers, and a few more stores to showcase.

  4. my blog is going private and I'd love to invite you to read! Please email me at

  5. SUCH A GREAT IDEA!! I have been thinking that there NEEDS to be a preppy magazine. Blogging is a great place to get the word out! Good luck!